Monopolin directly cross-links sister kinetochores

We've thought for a long time (based on our crystal structures and other data from several labs) that the fungal monopolin complex directly cross-links sister kinetochores to ensure proper chromosome segregation in meiosis, but we were never able to directly prove it. Now, in collaboration with Chip Asbury and Adèle Marston's labs, we have directly demonstrated kinetochore cross-linking by monopolin in a single-particle setup. Pretty sweet!

Check out the paper at Science Express:

Sister kinetochores are mechanically fused during meiosis I in yeast
Krishna K. Sarangapani, Eris Duro, Yi Deng, Flavia de Lima Alves, Qiaozhen Ye, Kwaku N. Opoku, Steven Ceto, Juri Rappsilber, Kevin D. Corbett, Sue Biggins, Adèle L. Marston, Charles L. Asbury

Update: published in the 10 October 2014 issue of Science: PUBMED LINK