HORMA domain proteins on the chromosome axis

I'm happy to share that the first major publication from the Corbett lab has been published in Developmental Cell! This paper describes the structures, interactions, and assembly of a family of proteins that bind chromosomes in meiosis, and control lots of different meiotic processes including formation of meiotic DNA breaks and their targeted repair into inter-homolog crossovers. This paper was a joint effort between our own Scott Rosenberg and Yumi Kim in the lab of Abby Dernburg at UC Berkeley and LBNL. It was truly a collaborative effort, combining the strengths of both of our labs. Thanks Yumi and Abby!

See the paper online at the link below. As always, if you can't access the publication, please contact me directly for a PDF reprint.

There are 8 structures associated with this paper, which will soon be made public on PDB.org. See our structures page for a summary.

Kim Y., Rosenberg S.C., Kugel C.L., Kostow N., Rog O., Dernburg A.F., Corbett K.D. (2014) The chromosome axis controls meiotic events through a hierarchical assembly of HORMA domain proteins. Developmental Cell (published online November 6, 2014). PRE-PUBLICATION JOURNAL LINK.