Our philosophy

It’s an exciting time to be a scientist, but it's also a time when long-tolerated misconduct and systematic bias against specific groups is finally being brought to light. In the Corbett lab, you and your ideas will be treated with the respect you deserve. Your development as a scientist will always be our #1 priority. Doing research for a living is a tough road, but we’ll walk it together as a team.


Graduate Student Positions

Prospective graduate students are encouraged to apply to either the UCSD Biomedical Sciences Graduate Program, which has a newly-established training track in Structural and Chemical Biology, or the Chemistry & Biochemistry or Biology graduate programs at UCSD.


Post-doctoral Positions

The Corbett Lab is always on the lookout for exceptional post-doctoral fellows to reconstitute, characterize, and determine 3D structures of protein complexes critical for meiotic recombination and chromosome segregation. The lab has been highly successful in defining a unique research program in this space, as evidenced by recent publications in Science, Developmental Cell, and eLife (see Publications). The lab has principally used mechanistic biochemistry and X-ray crystallography to date, and is now expanding into single-particle cryo-electron microscopy with the recent installation at UCSD of FEI Talos Arctica and Titan Krios cryo-EM instruments (with direct detectors and phase plates). The exceptional scientific environment and stable funding provided by the Ludwig Institute enables the pursuit of high-risk multi-disciplinary projects with the potential to translate fundamental discoveries into new disease treatments.

The successful candidate will be highly accomplished and driven, and should have extensive experience in protein expression (in E. coli and other systems), purification, and ideally macromolecular structure determination. Experience in X-ray crystallography is a plus; experience with single-particle cryo-electron microscopy is particularly valuable. Exceptional candidates with experience complementary to our core skill set (especially including genomics and genetics in diverse model organisms) will also be considered. Post-docs in the lab are expected to compete for outside funding from both public and private funding agencies. Due to time limits on postdoctoral employment within the Ludwig Institute, candidates should have no more than three years post-PhD experience when they apply.

Interested candidates should contact Dr. Corbett directly with a cover letter and CV.