Here we are!


Over the past two (almost three) years since I started my lab, a lot has happened. Our bread and butter is crystallography, and we've collected just about 1.2 Terabytes of diffraction data in over a dozen trips to the Advanced Light Source, the Stanford Synchrotron Light Source, and the Advanced Photon Source (thanks, Department of Energy!):

We'll have a few things to say soon, stories that we think are really interesting and we are excited to share. While these stories wind their way through the academic-publishing maze, I plan to use this space to share my experiences starting up a new crystallography & biochemistry lab at UCSD. This will include setting up a web site, managing shared documents in a small lab, and storing and backing up all our diffraction data in a way that doesn't keep me up at night (too much). If you're curious about our work in the meantime, please visit our structure gallery, publications page, or lab web site at Ludwig Cancer Research.