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Selected Publications:


Plowman R.*, Singh N.*, Payan A., Duro E., Corbett K.D.†, Marston A.† The molecular basis of monopolin recruitment to the kinetochore. (*co-first author; †co-corresponding author) bioRxiv | PDBs 6MJ8 6MJB 6MJC 6MJE

Kim D.-H., Han J.S., Ly P., Ye Q., McMahon M.A., Corbett K.D.†, Cleveland D.W.† (2018) The mitotic checkpoint is silenced through a combination of TRIP3-mediated disassembly and APC15-driven ubiquitination/degradation of the mitotic checkpoint complex. Nature Communications 9:4354. PUBMED LINK | JOURNAL LINK

Singh N, Corbett KD (2018) The budding-yeast RWD protein Csm1 scaffolds diverse protein complexes through a conserved structural mechanism. Protein Science doi: 10.1002/pro.3515. PUBMED LINK | JOURNAL LINK | PDB 6DEI

West AMV*, Rosenberg SC* (*co-first authors), Ur SN, Lehmer MK, Ye Q, Hagemann G. Caballero I, Uson I, Herzog F, Corbett KD. (2018) A conserved mechanism for meiotic chromosome organization through self-assembly of a filamentous chromosome axis core. bioRxiv  | PDBs 6DD8 6DD9

Arora K, Corbett KD. (2018) Structure of Zip2:Spo16, a conserved XPF:ERCC1-like complex critical for meiotic crossover formation. bioRxiv | PDBs 6BZF 6BZG

Mesci P, Macia A, Moore SM, Shiryaev SA, Pinto A, Huang CT, Tejwani L, Fernandes IR, Suarez NA, Kolar MJ, Montefusco S, Rosenberg SC, Herai RH, Cugola FR, Russo FB, Sheets N, Saghatelian A, Shresta S, Momper JD, Siqueira-Neto JL, Corbett KD, Beltrão-Braga PCB, Terskikh AV, Muotri AR. (2018) Blocking Zika virus vertical transmissionScientific Reports 8:1218. PUBMED LINK

Local A., Huang H., Albuquerque C.P., Singh N., Lee A. Y., Wang W., Wang C., Hsia J.E., Shiau, A.K., Ge K., Corbett K.D., Wang D., Zhou H., Ren B. (2018) Identification of H3K4me1-associated proteins at mammalian enhancers. Nature Genetics 50:73-82. PUBMED LINK  |  PDBs 5SZB 5SZC

West, A.M.V., Komives E.A., Corbett K.D. (2018) Conformational dynamics of the Hop1 HORMA domain reveal a common mechanism with the spindle checkpoint protein Mad2. Nucleic Acids Research 46:279-292. PUBMED LINK 


Corbett, K.D. (2017) Molecular mechanisms of spindle assembly checkpoint activation and silencing. Invited book chapter in Centromeres and Kinetochores, Springer book in series Progress in Molecular and Subcellular Biology 56:429-455. PUBMED LINK (request reprint)

Batra R., Nelles D.S., Pirie E., Blue S.M., Marina R.J., Wang H., Chaim I.A., Thomas J.D., Zhang N., Ngyuen V., Aigner S., Markiller S., Xia G., Corbett K.D., Swanson M.S., Yeo G.W. (2017) Microsatellite expansion RNA visualization, elimination, and reversal of molecular pathology by RNA-targeting Cas9. Cell 170(5):899-912. PUBMED LINK

Ye Q., Kim D.-H., Dereli I., Rosenberg S.C., Hagemann G., Herzog F., Tóth A., Cleveland D.W., Corbett K.D. (2017) The AAA+ ATPase TRIP13 remodels HORMA domains through N-terminal engagement and unfolding. EMBO Journal (online before print) JOURNAL LINK  |  PDBs 5VQ9 5VQA

Cheerambathur D.K., Prevo B., Hattersley N., Lewellyn L., Corbett K.D., Oegema K., Desai A. (2017) Dephosphorylation of the Ndc80 Tail Stabilizes Kinetochore-Microtubule Attachments via the Ska ComplexDevelopmental Cell 41(4):424-437.  PUBMED LINK

Liang J.*, Singh N.*, Carlson C.R., Albuquerque C.P., Corbett K.D.†, Zhou H.† (2017) Recruitment of a SUMO isopeptidase to rDNA stabilizes silencing complexes by opposing SUMO targeted ubiquitin ligase activity. Genes & Development 31: 802-815. (*co-first author; †co-corresponding author) PUBMED LINK  |  PDBs 5V1A 5V3N


Ye Q., Ur S.N., Su T.Y., Corbett K.D. (2016) Structure of the S. cerevisiae Hrr25:Mam1 monopolin subcomplex reveals a novel kinase regulator. EMBO Journal 35(19):2139-2151. PUBMED LINK  |  PDBs 4XH0 4XHG 4XHH 4XHL 5CZO 5CZY

Meyer P., Socias S., Key J.,…Corbett K.D.,…Sliz P. (2016) Data publication with the structural biology data grid supports live analysis. Nature Communications 7:10882. PUBMED LINK  |  Structural Biology Data Grid


Albuquerque C.P., Yeung E., Ma S., Fu T., Corbett K.D., Zhou H. (2015) A chemical and enzymatic approach to study site-specific sumoylation. PLoS One 10(12):e0143810. PUBMED LINK

Rosenberg, S.C., Corbett K.D. (2015) The multi-faceted roles of the HORMA domain in cellular signaling. The Journal of Cell Biology 211(4):745-755. PUBMED LINK

Nithianantham S., Le S., Seto E., Jia W., Leary J., Corbett K.D., Moore J.K., Al-Bassam J. (2015) Tubulin cofactors and Arl2 are cage-like chaperones that regulate the soluble αβ-tubulin pool for microtubule dynamics. eLife 4:10.7554/eLife.08811. PUBMED LINK

Ye Q., Rosenberg S.C., Moeller A., Speir J.A., Su T.Y., Corbett K.D. (2015) TRIP13 is a protein-remodeling AAA+ ATPase that catalyzes MAD2 conformation switching. eLife 2015;10.7554/eLife.07367. PUBMED LINK  |  PDB 4XGU


Kim Y., Rosenberg S.C., Kugel C.L., Kostow N., Rog O., Dernburg A.F., Corbett K.D. (2014) The chromosome axis controls meiotic events through a hierarchical assembly of HORMA domain proteins. Developmental Cell 31(4):487-502. PUBMED LINK  |  PDBs 4TRK 4TZJ 4TZL 4TZM 4TZN 4TZO 4TZQ 4TZS

Sarangapani K.K., Duro E., Deng Y., de Lima Alves F., Ye Q., Opoku K.N., Ceto S., Rappsilber J., Corbett K.D., Biggins S., Marston A.L., Asbury C.L. (2014) Sister kinetochores are mechanically fused during meiosis I. Science 346(6206):248-51. PUBMED LINK.


Bhandari D., Zhang J., Lord C., Menon S., Chen S., Corbett K.D., Ferro-Novick S. (2013) Sit4p/PP6 regulates ER to Golgi traffic by controlling the dephosphorylation of COPII coat subunits. Molecular Biology of the Cell 24(17): 2727-2738. PUBMED LINK

Xu D., Young J., Krahn J.M., Song D., Corbett K.D., Chazin W.J., Pedersen L.C., Esko J.D. (2013) Stable RAGE-Heparan Sulfate Complexes are Essential for Signal Transduction. ACS Chemical Biology. PUBMED LINK  |  PDB 4IM8


Al-Bassam J., Corbett K.D. (2012) α-Tubulin acetylation from the inside out. Proceedings of the National Academy of Science USA 109(48):19515-19516. PUBMED LINK

Corbett K.D.*, Harrison S.C. (2012) Molecular Architecture of the Yeast Monopolin Complex. Cell Reports 1(6):583-589. PUBMED LINK  |  PDB 5KTB updated from original entry 4EMC


Maddox P.S.*, Corbett K.D.*, Desai A. (2011) Structure, Assembly and Reading of Centromeric Chromatin. Current Opinion in Genetics & Development 22(2):139-147. PUBMED LINK

Cho U.-S., Corbett K.D., Al-Bassam J., Bellizzi J.J., De Wulf P., Espelin C.W., Miranda J.J., Simons K., Wei R.R., Sorger P.K., Harrison S.C. (2011) Molecular Structures and Interactions in the Yeast Kinetochore. Cold Spring Harbor Symposia on Quantitative Biology 75:395-401. PUBMED LINK


Corbett K.D., Yip C.K., Ee L., Walz T., Amon A., Harrison S.C. (2010) The monopolin complex cross-links kinetochore components to regulate chromosome-microtubule attachments. Cell 142(4): 556-567. PUBMED LINK  |  PDBs  3N4R  3N4S  3N4X  3N7N